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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Returning to Normal....Thank you

Thank you, Thank you....

It has been quite a test, the last six months, but I have made it through the many obstacles thrown in my path!  Thanks to you, my wonderful clients and your pets providing me with unwavering support.

Most importantly, my husband Sean is doing great.  He completed the 7 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation required for his stage 4 throat cancer.  God has blessed us!  He received excellent news after his first post-treatment CAT appears there is only scar tissue remaining...we are humbled by this great blessing. And so very thankful for your kind and generous support.  Thanks to you for your care, concern and prayers...all greatly appreciated.

A BIG THANKS to Alicia and Mark that aided me in providing uninterrupted services to my clients.  They were a huge help...they allowed me to be with Sean on his chemotherapy treatment days and other days that I needed to be at the hospital.  Couldn't have kept all the doggies happy without you and appreciate you.

Made it through the half marathon....a wonderful experience...raised some dough for Massachusetts Vest A Dog and am eternally grateful for your support there as well...It was a journey that I was determined to make and was able to run the 13.1 miles in 2hours and thirty minutes...pretty good for my very first half marathon. 

And so as we move into the fall, we are looking ahead to growth and good days with the doggies and all of our wonderful clients.  Stay tuned...getting back into the groove means more postings about care of pets and getting back to those helpful hints....

Lastly, remember its fall and you still need to be aware of fleas and ticks and especially mosquitoes....Checkout what you are using for prevention on your pets....this is as important for cats as it is for dogs....and as always...happy tails!  We would love to help you care for your pet....going away for the weekend?  We can come pet sit...visit with your pet 2 or 3 times a day right in your own home...remove the stress of the kennel for your pet. Give us a ring, we are happy to help!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

1/2 marathon UPDATE 4-09-11

Hello All!

I keep had some hurdles thrown in the way......I got food poisoning and a family member is very ill....but I am still running!  Mileage was down for a couple weeks but ran a great week last week...topped off with an awesome 7.5 mile run...lots of hills and INTO the wind.  The race course is pretty flat from what I hear so that will be helpful. 

I received a wonderful gift...a Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog inspire me and run in!  Love that!  These dogs are truly unsung heroes and they deserve the attention!  I am currently just over 60% in my fundraising goals...I am hopeful that I will get all the way there with some help from local businesses...time to go knock on some doors! 

Have been sticking to my nutrition plan...very helpful with stamina and recovery...feels good to put good stuff in...really makes junk less appealing.  Except...some one brought this amazing chocolate mousse thing for my husband to the house and I tried it....yikes!  Made him give it away....TOO tempting! All good...the engine is tuned up and going through its paces....

Have a 10K on the 10th to support cousin recently passed away as a result of a glioblastoma....brain cancer and any other form of cancer just s#*%s....yeah...cancer needs its butt I'm running......I am sure this will be a successful fundraiser...they had to close many runners!  It's in my hometown of Braintree so I'm pleased to be running there....

Lace up!  Spring is here...though I've been running outside for many weeks now...its enjoyable like this....less dry skin, no gloves necessary....more miles to go.....

Saturday, March 5, 2011

3-5-11 Training update

Hello All ~

Well, quite the journey this has become!  I am loving every minute of it!  First, THANK YOU TO THE DONORS!  I appreciate your support of this effort more than you know.  Massachusetts Vest a Dog is a great charity and I am so pleased to be working to vest K9 Louie from Pembroke, MA!!! So this week I logged 22.5 miles running, 5 miles swimming and one hour long yoga class.  Whooo-hooo!  What I am most excited about is my long run today....8 miles on a HILLY course outside and it felt GREAT!  I am so pumped! 

I use a website called mapmyrun to help me pick new routes so my training does not get stale. IT'S REALLY HELPFUL. I have been running outside for a week now...don't mind the cold...and happy the snow is melting...35 degrees or better and am I'm outside.  I really loath running on a treadmill but it's a necessary evil with winter in New England. So, I'm really pleased to be outside.  I gear up...wear reflective bands & vest...IF YOU SEE ME, BEEP AND WAVE!!!!!!

Two weeks ago I had a bout of food poisoning...I have never been so sick!  I was worried that I had lost a lot of my training in the previous weeks due to the stress that put on my body.  I took the first week back slow...just swimming...then added in runs last week and this week was back to form....I am feeling really good about that. 

Just a nutrition plan has changed my daily diet and how I think about fueling my body.  I now take and love an isolated protein powder twice a day....It makes a big difference in recovery and my stamina.  I love how it fuels my body and allows me to move forward with my training.  I crave more fruit and veggies now, eat far fewer whites (less bread, sugar and potatoes than ever...) and have upped my low glycemic index carbs.  Ya know, when you put good fuel in your car it just runs better....yeah...same for our's been long enough now that its a new habit!  LOVE that!

So....weekly running will only grow in mileage from here...22.5 this week...looking to jump to 25 next week...planning yoga on Monday and maybe Wednesday.  Hoping to start massage and a visit or two to the chiropractor for well being...taking care to stay injury free....

THANK YOU!  I appreciate your support!  More than you know....Happy days ahead this week...Talk to you next weekend! Til then, pounding the pavement......

Debbi and Ma Vest-A-Dog

Friday, February 25, 2011

Training update for 1/2 marathon!

Hello! Hello!

Training has gone very well....I am currently up to 8 miles, outside. For those that do not run, there is BIG difference between treadmill running and actually running outside....this is evident the moment you hit the pavement and have some wind in your face!   I ran as many as 10 miles indoors but & the other day outside was a big difference. 

All that being said, I love this journey.  I have ramped up my nutrition to meet the demands of running, strength training and swimming to prepare for this adventure of 13.1 miles. I take a protein drink twice a day, have cut out high glycemic carbs in favor of low glycemic carbs...thus hopefully avoiding a crash in the energy department.

I love the run outside...I love seeing new things as the miles pass.  The change of scenery lets me know I make progress with every step... The swimming helps me counter over working my body by only running.  It allows my muscles to stretch and work in a different way than they do when I'm on the road.  Even my walking all day with the dogs has a different effect on how my muscles work.  The human body is amazing!

I'm up to 15 to 20 miles a week...swimming is usually a couple times a week and I swim 2 miles (32 laps rock stars!).  I am also walking all day every day....busy busy busy those doggies keep me busy!

I think I'll bring my camera next long run so you can see what I see...that sounds fun....until then...happy running!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BIG NEWS! 1/2 Marathon for the police K9's of MA Vest-A-Dog!

Hello Everyone!

First, a BIG THANK YOU for all my supporters out there! I appreciate your morale and kind thoughts. I am really hoping to meet this goal for the dogs in need thru MA Vest-A-Dog.

I decided to take a personal journey last summer and get back into running.  I ran in many 5K's and a few 5 mile longest run last fall was just under 10 miles....I felt great about my accomplishment.  So, where to go after that?  KEEP RUNNING!  My next goal was to run in a 1/2 marathon.  I have decided that the Run to Remember, held on May 29th, 2011, is the race.  This run commemorates fallen police officers.  I wanted to make this more than just a personal goal.  Wanted to put all this training and lots of mileage to good use....Ma Vest-A-Dog ran a radio ad that caught my attention...the perfect fit!  Police K9's in need of bullet protective vests.....Tah-dah!  My cause was found! PLEASE VISIT MY FUND RAISING PAGE AT TO MAKE A DONATION...YOUR SUPPORT IS TRULY APPRECIATED!

The 13.1 mile race begins at the Seaport Hotel and takes runners along Atlantic Ave, over to MA General, over Longfellow Bridge, up Memorial Drive to Harvard University....where we turn around and return to via Washington Street and back to the hotel. I am very excited about this! Have been doing my long runs on Saturday or Sunday....up to 7 miles pretty comfortably. I am confident that I will be ready for this 1/2 marathon with careful and diligent training.  I WANT to run well....

These photos from the Jeff Coombs race last fall...the kiddos were great supporters for me!

I will continue to follow a great training plan I have that includes strength training, cross training, and switching up my runs...tempo, interval and's been great for me personally so I'm really happy to take that good karma over into helping to raise funds for the doggies!

K9 officers are the unsung heroes in police work....they are always there, ready to give their life if necessary, ready to go to work. Check out Ma Vest-A-Dog's website...they will provide you with lots of great information.

So, today I am off for my usual visits with doggies. Then I'll be heading to the gym for a 4 mile run and then a mile of swimming laps (approx 16 laps is a mile), maybe 2 miles, depends on how I feel. By cross training, I'm helping develop a strong core, support muscles in the areas of major muscle groups and preventing overuse injury to knees, hips etc.

There will be a good number of SPONSORS helping me out too....I am really pleased to ANNOUNCE KAREN & TIM PRICE of South Paws Doggie Day Care are the first on board and I am grateful for their support! Visit them at     We share a great love of dogs and I look forward to working with them through this project! Thanks so much you guys!  SPONSORSHIP WILL ALLOW ME TO GET T-SHIRTS MADE TO GIVEN TO DONORS, help defray any travel expenses...I plan to go to supermarkets and try to raise awareness also.

Hoping to plan an event before the race where you can meet the dogs that will benefit from these efforts.  The K9's go through over 560 hours of training!  That's a lot of work for the dogs and their handlers....and they do amazing things! I will keep you posted!

Have a Pawesome Day! Happy running! and THANK YOU!

Best ~ Debbi

Friday, January 7, 2011

Paws, snow and ice melt...a little note for winter....

Hi there Everydogger and you Pawrents!

Now that we are all back to our regular routines I wanted to take a moment to remind you all that it is especially important to pay attention to snow, ice and those wonderful paws. See when we pawrents throw down ice melt ~ AND IT SHOULD BE THE PET SAFE KIND ~ it gets trapped in between the pads on our doggers little can cause skin irritations and sores, which leads to licking and trips to the vet! Not to mention, the stuff was made to MELT ICE, not be ingested. It is a really good idea to wash off your pets paws when you come in with a little warm water on a towel and inspect between the toes....just to be safe!

Additionally, the snow and ice that get trapped between toes and pads can also cause frostbite. This can be very dangerous also. I know my dogs, airedales, have longer hair on their legs and paws and snow very easily gets trapped between toes, in their armpits and along the their bellies in the hair. The best way to safely remove such snowballs is to break them up with your fingers and a course terry towel. DO NOT submerge them in warm water....bad idea to drastically change their body temperature like that. Take the time to break up the snow, use your hands or a brush.....being careful to not pull too hard. Be sure to get it all out from between the toes!

When you finish cleaning sure to give your dogger a treat for their patience as you help them get comfortable. Don't forget to hydrate too! Provide ample drinking water while playing outdoors in the snow with your pups. They still get thirsty! Wishing you lots of winter fun....BE SAFE! Have a pawesome winter!

Debbi & the Dales