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Saturday, April 9, 2011

1/2 marathon UPDATE 4-09-11

Hello All!

I keep had some hurdles thrown in the way......I got food poisoning and a family member is very ill....but I am still running!  Mileage was down for a couple weeks but ran a great week last week...topped off with an awesome 7.5 mile run...lots of hills and INTO the wind.  The race course is pretty flat from what I hear so that will be helpful. 

I received a wonderful gift...a Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog inspire me and run in!  Love that!  These dogs are truly unsung heroes and they deserve the attention!  I am currently just over 60% in my fundraising goals...I am hopeful that I will get all the way there with some help from local businesses...time to go knock on some doors! 

Have been sticking to my nutrition plan...very helpful with stamina and recovery...feels good to put good stuff in...really makes junk less appealing.  Except...some one brought this amazing chocolate mousse thing for my husband to the house and I tried it....yikes!  Made him give it away....TOO tempting! All good...the engine is tuned up and going through its paces....

Have a 10K on the 10th to support cousin recently passed away as a result of a glioblastoma....brain cancer and any other form of cancer just s#*%s....yeah...cancer needs its butt I'm running......I am sure this will be a successful fundraiser...they had to close many runners!  It's in my hometown of Braintree so I'm pleased to be running there....

Lace up!  Spring is here...though I've been running outside for many weeks now...its enjoyable like this....less dry skin, no gloves necessary....more miles to go.....

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