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Pawesome Pals Mascots
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Love the summer and all it's activity!

Hey all you Paw Pals....

We have had a wonderful summer so far.  Lots of activities like going hiking at Norris Reservation, running by Indian Head River, meeting and training several new pups . . .Its been so much fun. Just a reminder or two....

Keep your pet up to date with Flea and Tick topical applications / Heartworm pills ~ SO important.... the buddies can get ticks just about anywhere now.  Used to be it was only in the woods....but we are also going more places with our pets these days.  Same goes for heartworm prevention...mosquitoes are bad this year.  Many South Shore towns have sprayed to help control them.

Stay hydrated and cool! ~  Especially important in humid weather...your pet can dehydrate easily.  They wear a fur coat and can't tell you when they are thirsty.  So be sure to bring water for Fido on your walks and hikes, leave plenty of water in a dish when you go out and try to keep your pets cool - shade, a/c....whatever you can do.

Exercise with your pet! ~  There is a great story on  about training with your dog....Incorporate Fido into your daily walks/runs....try some short sprints alternating with brisk fetch and you sprint with your dog after the ball!  Be creative and get your buddy involved!  They just want to be with you!

Remember meet & greet etiquette! ~ Many people do not enjoy dogs (clearly they are NOT one of us) but they are out there.....please be sure to have your dog properly leashed where required, please do not assume that every person you pass wants to pet your dog or have him jump on them.....a little courtesy can go a long way....and don't forget to scoop the doo!  Nothing worse than stepping in a pile....and it gives those of us that scoop a bad wrap! Thank you!

Get out and enjoy the days of summer....fall will be here sooner than you know!

Thanks so much...Pawesome Pals loves their pack....see ya soon!
Debbi and the Dales