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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BIG NEWS! 1/2 Marathon for the police K9's of MA Vest-A-Dog!

Hello Everyone!

First, a BIG THANK YOU for all my supporters out there! I appreciate your morale and kind thoughts. I am really hoping to meet this goal for the dogs in need thru MA Vest-A-Dog.

I decided to take a personal journey last summer and get back into running.  I ran in many 5K's and a few 5 mile longest run last fall was just under 10 miles....I felt great about my accomplishment.  So, where to go after that?  KEEP RUNNING!  My next goal was to run in a 1/2 marathon.  I have decided that the Run to Remember, held on May 29th, 2011, is the race.  This run commemorates fallen police officers.  I wanted to make this more than just a personal goal.  Wanted to put all this training and lots of mileage to good use....Ma Vest-A-Dog ran a radio ad that caught my attention...the perfect fit!  Police K9's in need of bullet protective vests.....Tah-dah!  My cause was found! PLEASE VISIT MY FUND RAISING PAGE AT TO MAKE A DONATION...YOUR SUPPORT IS TRULY APPRECIATED!

The 13.1 mile race begins at the Seaport Hotel and takes runners along Atlantic Ave, over to MA General, over Longfellow Bridge, up Memorial Drive to Harvard University....where we turn around and return to via Washington Street and back to the hotel. I am very excited about this! Have been doing my long runs on Saturday or Sunday....up to 7 miles pretty comfortably. I am confident that I will be ready for this 1/2 marathon with careful and diligent training.  I WANT to run well....

These photos from the Jeff Coombs race last fall...the kiddos were great supporters for me!

I will continue to follow a great training plan I have that includes strength training, cross training, and switching up my runs...tempo, interval and's been great for me personally so I'm really happy to take that good karma over into helping to raise funds for the doggies!

K9 officers are the unsung heroes in police work....they are always there, ready to give their life if necessary, ready to go to work. Check out Ma Vest-A-Dog's website...they will provide you with lots of great information.

So, today I am off for my usual visits with doggies. Then I'll be heading to the gym for a 4 mile run and then a mile of swimming laps (approx 16 laps is a mile), maybe 2 miles, depends on how I feel. By cross training, I'm helping develop a strong core, support muscles in the areas of major muscle groups and preventing overuse injury to knees, hips etc.

There will be a good number of SPONSORS helping me out too....I am really pleased to ANNOUNCE KAREN & TIM PRICE of South Paws Doggie Day Care are the first on board and I am grateful for their support! Visit them at     We share a great love of dogs and I look forward to working with them through this project! Thanks so much you guys!  SPONSORSHIP WILL ALLOW ME TO GET T-SHIRTS MADE TO GIVEN TO DONORS, help defray any travel expenses...I plan to go to supermarkets and try to raise awareness also.

Hoping to plan an event before the race where you can meet the dogs that will benefit from these efforts.  The K9's go through over 560 hours of training!  That's a lot of work for the dogs and their handlers....and they do amazing things! I will keep you posted!

Have a Pawesome Day! Happy running! and THANK YOU!

Best ~ Debbi

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