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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Returning to Normal....Thank you

Thank you, Thank you....

It has been quite a test, the last six months, but I have made it through the many obstacles thrown in my path!  Thanks to you, my wonderful clients and your pets providing me with unwavering support.

Most importantly, my husband Sean is doing great.  He completed the 7 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation required for his stage 4 throat cancer.  God has blessed us!  He received excellent news after his first post-treatment CAT appears there is only scar tissue remaining...we are humbled by this great blessing. And so very thankful for your kind and generous support.  Thanks to you for your care, concern and prayers...all greatly appreciated.

A BIG THANKS to Alicia and Mark that aided me in providing uninterrupted services to my clients.  They were a huge help...they allowed me to be with Sean on his chemotherapy treatment days and other days that I needed to be at the hospital.  Couldn't have kept all the doggies happy without you and appreciate you.

Made it through the half marathon....a wonderful experience...raised some dough for Massachusetts Vest A Dog and am eternally grateful for your support there as well...It was a journey that I was determined to make and was able to run the 13.1 miles in 2hours and thirty minutes...pretty good for my very first half marathon. 

And so as we move into the fall, we are looking ahead to growth and good days with the doggies and all of our wonderful clients.  Stay tuned...getting back into the groove means more postings about care of pets and getting back to those helpful hints....

Lastly, remember its fall and you still need to be aware of fleas and ticks and especially mosquitoes....Checkout what you are using for prevention on your pets....this is as important for cats as it is for dogs....and as always...happy tails!  We would love to help you care for your pet....going away for the weekend?  We can come pet sit...visit with your pet 2 or 3 times a day right in your own home...remove the stress of the kennel for your pet. Give us a ring, we are happy to help!

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