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Saturday, March 5, 2011

3-5-11 Training update

Hello All ~

Well, quite the journey this has become!  I am loving every minute of it!  First, THANK YOU TO THE DONORS!  I appreciate your support of this effort more than you know.  Massachusetts Vest a Dog is a great charity and I am so pleased to be working to vest K9 Louie from Pembroke, MA!!! So this week I logged 22.5 miles running, 5 miles swimming and one hour long yoga class.  Whooo-hooo!  What I am most excited about is my long run today....8 miles on a HILLY course outside and it felt GREAT!  I am so pumped! 

I use a website called mapmyrun to help me pick new routes so my training does not get stale. IT'S REALLY HELPFUL. I have been running outside for a week now...don't mind the cold...and happy the snow is melting...35 degrees or better and am I'm outside.  I really loath running on a treadmill but it's a necessary evil with winter in New England. So, I'm really pleased to be outside.  I gear up...wear reflective bands & vest...IF YOU SEE ME, BEEP AND WAVE!!!!!!

Two weeks ago I had a bout of food poisoning...I have never been so sick!  I was worried that I had lost a lot of my training in the previous weeks due to the stress that put on my body.  I took the first week back slow...just swimming...then added in runs last week and this week was back to form....I am feeling really good about that. 

Just a nutrition plan has changed my daily diet and how I think about fueling my body.  I now take and love an isolated protein powder twice a day....It makes a big difference in recovery and my stamina.  I love how it fuels my body and allows me to move forward with my training.  I crave more fruit and veggies now, eat far fewer whites (less bread, sugar and potatoes than ever...) and have upped my low glycemic index carbs.  Ya know, when you put good fuel in your car it just runs better....yeah...same for our's been long enough now that its a new habit!  LOVE that!

So....weekly running will only grow in mileage from here...22.5 this week...looking to jump to 25 next week...planning yoga on Monday and maybe Wednesday.  Hoping to start massage and a visit or two to the chiropractor for well being...taking care to stay injury free....

THANK YOU!  I appreciate your support!  More than you know....Happy days ahead this week...Talk to you next weekend! Til then, pounding the pavement......

Debbi and Ma Vest-A-Dog

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