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Pawesome Pals Mascots
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Holidays are around the corner.....

Hey all you Doggers.....

The holidays are here....first TURKEY DAY and then CHRISTMAS / Chanukah so.....

There are a few things to remind your pawrents about and you doggers too!

First....NO doggers should ever get TURKEY bones from the bird!  Bad, bad, bad for the doggies!  They splinter once cooked.  dangerous and could become a life threatening situation for your pups.  And any people food in moderation....gravy heavy with fat and butter and flour can cause intestinal upset and diarrhea.  Not something one will want to deal with over the holidays, they are stressful enough.

Next, be sure with lots of company coming and going that you remember your pet's welfare.  They may need some quiet space while the hustle and bustle of holiday visitors descends on your home.  A dog under stress may behave in ways he/she doesn't ordinarily behave.  There could be excessive jumping, food snatching, biting, or anxiety.  So, just be mindful that your pet may need some quiet space in their crate or in a bedroom away from all the happy tidings.

Decorations are beautiful sure to remember that things like tinsel, ornament hooks, poinsettia's and candles are all dangerous for our pets...dogs, cats, birds, etc....anything that can be in reach of our pets, keep a watchful eye on!  We all want our holidays to be joyous!  So be safe and think ahead and your holidays will be happy! 

AND THANK YOU!  To all of our clients and friends.....THANK YOU for a most wonderful year filled with wonderful memories and happy days.  You doggers have brought me more joy than I can say.  I treasure being able to see your furry family members....they are part of our extended family.  The Dales love to see them all too and love to walk, run, play and hang out with your guys and is a pleasure and privilege to care for the fur babies (cats and dogs alike!)

Wishing you all a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON....nose pokes, paw slaps and hugs from the entire PAWESOME PALS PACK!  WE LOVE YA!