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Friday, February 25, 2011

Training update for 1/2 marathon!

Hello! Hello!

Training has gone very well....I am currently up to 8 miles, outside. For those that do not run, there is BIG difference between treadmill running and actually running outside....this is evident the moment you hit the pavement and have some wind in your face!   I ran as many as 10 miles indoors but & the other day outside was a big difference. 

All that being said, I love this journey.  I have ramped up my nutrition to meet the demands of running, strength training and swimming to prepare for this adventure of 13.1 miles. I take a protein drink twice a day, have cut out high glycemic carbs in favor of low glycemic carbs...thus hopefully avoiding a crash in the energy department.

I love the run outside...I love seeing new things as the miles pass.  The change of scenery lets me know I make progress with every step... The swimming helps me counter over working my body by only running.  It allows my muscles to stretch and work in a different way than they do when I'm on the road.  Even my walking all day with the dogs has a different effect on how my muscles work.  The human body is amazing!

I'm up to 15 to 20 miles a week...swimming is usually a couple times a week and I swim 2 miles (32 laps rock stars!).  I am also walking all day every day....busy busy busy those doggies keep me busy!

I think I'll bring my camera next long run so you can see what I see...that sounds fun....until then...happy running!


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