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Pawesome Pals Mascots
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Holidays are around the corner.....

Hey all you Doggers.....

The holidays are here....first TURKEY DAY and then CHRISTMAS / Chanukah so.....

There are a few things to remind your pawrents about and you doggers too!

First....NO doggers should ever get TURKEY bones from the bird!  Bad, bad, bad for the doggies!  They splinter once cooked.  dangerous and could become a life threatening situation for your pups.  And any people food in moderation....gravy heavy with fat and butter and flour can cause intestinal upset and diarrhea.  Not something one will want to deal with over the holidays, they are stressful enough.

Next, be sure with lots of company coming and going that you remember your pet's welfare.  They may need some quiet space while the hustle and bustle of holiday visitors descends on your home.  A dog under stress may behave in ways he/she doesn't ordinarily behave.  There could be excessive jumping, food snatching, biting, or anxiety.  So, just be mindful that your pet may need some quiet space in their crate or in a bedroom away from all the happy tidings.

Decorations are beautiful sure to remember that things like tinsel, ornament hooks, poinsettia's and candles are all dangerous for our pets...dogs, cats, birds, etc....anything that can be in reach of our pets, keep a watchful eye on!  We all want our holidays to be joyous!  So be safe and think ahead and your holidays will be happy! 

AND THANK YOU!  To all of our clients and friends.....THANK YOU for a most wonderful year filled with wonderful memories and happy days.  You doggers have brought me more joy than I can say.  I treasure being able to see your furry family members....they are part of our extended family.  The Dales love to see them all too and love to walk, run, play and hang out with your guys and is a pleasure and privilege to care for the fur babies (cats and dogs alike!)

Wishing you all a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON....nose pokes, paw slaps and hugs from the entire PAWESOME PALS PACK!  WE LOVE YA! 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Helpful hints if you plan to travel with your pet. . .

Hi there all you doggers!

Nice to catch up....we have been plenty busy recently. So, tis the season that weekend travels begin and often means families are taking their pets along. What does this mean for you as pawrents? Read on! Being prepared is the best way to prevent travel stress for your pet!

Be prepared! Think about whether or not your pet travels well before you even leave...some pets do remarkably well, others do not adjust and can become quite ill rather quickly. You want your pet to enjoy traveling as much as you do! Also consider ahead and double check the pet-friendly status of your lodging before you leave. After all, one bad experience and a hotel can change their policy rather quickly. Ask about fees and requirements; some lodging requires your pet have a crate and you will need to bring one with you to comply.

Whether traveling by car or plane, you will need to be certain that your pet will be comfortable. Think about how long your pet will be traveling and be sure to provide ample water and food if necessary. Many airlines will accomodate flights for pets and there is even an ALL PET airline called Pet Airways....FABULOUS! Be sure to research your choice of air carrier and get all the details of their policies. Check to see about the need for a health certificate, the cost of the flight, and other details such as restrictions based on temperature of your home or destination. Many airlines will not permit animals to fly for health reasons in temperatures that exceed 85 degrees farenheit.

For auto travel, consider a seat belt or even crating your pet if you are traveling for a long time. Again, try to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. You may need to plan to make stops at pet-safe locations for potty breaks. Check your route in advance for safe rest areas that you can walk your pet in for a break.

You also should be prepared in the event of an emergency. Check your destination for a local veterinarian's office...bring along your home vet's telephone number. Stress of travel can cause dehydration, diarrhea or vomiting. In each of those cases it would be important to have your pet examined by a vet. Other true emergencies could include being hit by a car, difficulty breathing, inability to walk, a snake bite, high fever, uncontrolled bleeding...all instances that would require medical attention. Resources to help you locate a vet can include The American Animal Hospital Association, 800-252-2242 or

Today our pets are permitted in more places than ever. It's wonderful to be able to take your dog or cat with you. For many, your pet is a family member. So get out there and bring your buddy along! Here in BOSTON check out the Boston Harbour Hotel, the Four Seasons Hotel, the Nine Zero Hotel and the Seaport Hotel....all of which will permit pets ~ their policies vary so check with the individual place you wish to stay.

And as always, if your pet can't go. . . YOU HAVE US TO HELP! We always look forward to assisting you with your pets. Thank you for making us part of your families and we love having you in our pack! Travel safely and have fun!
Best wishes ~
Debbi and the Dales
Indian Head River ~ We visit with clients!

Mr. Jax loves to go to work with Mum and visit places like Norris Resevation in Norwell, MA

Happy trails and tails! 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Love the summer and all it's activity!

Hey all you Paw Pals....

We have had a wonderful summer so far.  Lots of activities like going hiking at Norris Reservation, running by Indian Head River, meeting and training several new pups . . .Its been so much fun. Just a reminder or two....

Keep your pet up to date with Flea and Tick topical applications / Heartworm pills ~ SO important.... the buddies can get ticks just about anywhere now.  Used to be it was only in the woods....but we are also going more places with our pets these days.  Same goes for heartworm prevention...mosquitoes are bad this year.  Many South Shore towns have sprayed to help control them.

Stay hydrated and cool! ~  Especially important in humid weather...your pet can dehydrate easily.  They wear a fur coat and can't tell you when they are thirsty.  So be sure to bring water for Fido on your walks and hikes, leave plenty of water in a dish when you go out and try to keep your pets cool - shade, a/c....whatever you can do.

Exercise with your pet! ~  There is a great story on  about training with your dog....Incorporate Fido into your daily walks/runs....try some short sprints alternating with brisk fetch and you sprint with your dog after the ball!  Be creative and get your buddy involved!  They just want to be with you!

Remember meet & greet etiquette! ~ Many people do not enjoy dogs (clearly they are NOT one of us) but they are out there.....please be sure to have your dog properly leashed where required, please do not assume that every person you pass wants to pet your dog or have him jump on them.....a little courtesy can go a long way....and don't forget to scoop the doo!  Nothing worse than stepping in a pile....and it gives those of us that scoop a bad wrap! Thank you!

Get out and enjoy the days of summer....fall will be here sooner than you know!

Thanks so much...Pawesome Pals loves their pack....see ya soon!
Debbi and the Dales

Monday, May 10, 2010

A reminder to "be there" for your pet.......

Yes, sad but it does happen, even with the best of dogs; dog bites and bad behavior can happen to any dog on any day! Ask any owner and they will tell you they have the best dog in the world....and from their perspective, it is probably true that their pet is super well behaved. . .for them. But that doesn't mean every day will be a good day and therefore, owners be aware!

Many pets that are well behaved at home and for their owners are different dogs all together when brought out into the real world or when a visitor is brought into their home. They may be fearful of new things, loud noises, they may be hungry or tempted to follow their nose rather than sit, they may be feeling playful but are too aggressive for another dog to handle or they could be protective of their owner and their home if someone comes to visit and doesn't get a proper introduction.

Many of those above reasons for dog bites or agressive dog behavior can be avoided simply by paying attentioin to what your dog tells you. Is his tail curled down between his legs as you take him somewhere new.....he may be saying that he's feeling insecure and a bit bit need to know this as you proceed...say, into PetCo. Is his hair standing on end as you bring a visiting dog into your home? Your pet may be saying that he doesn't want company he doesn't know in his house..... Left ignored, these signs can be a recipe for a problem...a fight or a bite that could easily be avoided.

I am asking that owners take a look and be aware of what their dog is telling them. Especially if you are taking your pet somewhere new, to a different location or to meet new people or animals. We take for granted that our pets are good for us as owners. However, it is our job as their owners to be aware of their needs and be in control of our pets as we go places. Oh and likewise for all pet owners at large....Be aware of common courtesy. For instance, going to a park? Unless it is specifcally an off leash park, it is EXPECTED that your pet will be leashed. Many places allow pets but generally speaking there are many non-pet owners there as well. Some people are afraid of dogs and will not be pleased to have an over exuberant pup trying to endear himself. Leashes keep your pet safe and other people safe. They allow us to have more control of our animals. They are not the full solution...owners must keep their pets at a reasonable distance from passers by until they know the other people are ok with a sniff and a hello. It's perfectly ok to dog is having an off day, please do not pet him. It's ok to ask the other dog owner as they approach - is your dog friendly? Cause remember, even good dogs can have bad days. You just want to be in control...

Love your dog by being aware. Our pets really want to be told how to behave, it ismuch easier for them to receive a command. In the absence of our telling what we want them to do, they will follow their instincts. Terriers seek out day the neighbors cat may be the target with lack of direction.....shepherds are herding dogs....they may nip at small children because they are trying to herd them back into a group...the dog thinks he's doing his 'job' ....retrievers are hunting companions...the are mouthy/nippy by nature because they retrieve with their the owners of such wonderful breeds it is our responsibility to be aware of our pets needs to keep them safe.

Exercise and activity always keeps boredom at bay! A tired dog is a happy dog! So please, as we head into late spring and early summer, please take some time to re-focus on the needs of your pet. If you haven't made time for them in your routine & schedule, maybe some help from us in the walk department will be what you need. At any rate, your furry pal needs you to be alert and in tune with them. Let this be your spring resolution! Thanks so much! Prevention is always best!
Thank you to all our clients and friends and thank you for your commitment as owners to your pets!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring brings lots of new...and puppies too!

Hey all!

So excited for the spring weather and the newness that comes along with it...trees budding, grass growing...and puppies being born! It is a great thing to add a puppy to your family. They are an addition of unconditional love, a wonderful way to bond with your kids and teach them responsibility too.

It is work to get a puppy...everyone forgets how much work they require in the first couple of months. Very true...but it is also easy to be a successful puppy trainer withour going to training school! The key to your success is easy ~ repetition and consistency!

First things first...get that pup on a regular schedule for eating, sleeping and doing his business....and that is all you should focus on for the first couple of weeks. Find a nd use a key word, like "potty" or "outside" and use it EVERY time you go out to take care of business.....which is pretty much every time you go out with a pup that's 8 to 12 weeks old. MAke sure you take him out first thing in the morning and last thing at night...set your pup up for success! It's better to praise the good work he does than have to correct bad habits because you didn't play your part.

Next...start having regular, 10-15 minute training sessions. Use training treats to help reinforce when any desireable behavior is acheived! Lots of verbal praise and a good scratching of the ears is also helpful!

We offer a Puppy 101 session to interested clients. I'll come and help you establish a schedule and routine. Give you helpful tips and some basic training methods to get you off to a good start with your pup. If you are interested, give us a call, we're happy to help you out!

Whatever you do, just be sure to GET OUT THERE! HAVE FUN! Run, walk, play with your pup as often as you can....puppies have TONS of energy and need to burn that off to help them be well behaved. There's a reason we say, "A tired dog is a happy dog with happy owners!"
~ Happy tails and trails
Debbi and the Griffindales, Roy, Jack & Lola

Monday, March 29, 2010

Maybe a Bunny is the pet for you . . .

Okay, so it's the season of the bunny rabbit...I know we all think they are cute. But did you know they make great pets? I only got my rabbits, Cotton and Noah, about a year ago. I am smitten....they are great pets. I will say, my rabbits are outdoor rabbits and that limits our family interaction with them but....if you have an indoor rabbit....they can be great house pets just like a cat!

Did you know that rabbits can pretty easily be littler box trained? Even though our two males are outdoor rabbits, living in individual hutches, they are both litter box trained. It makes cleaning up their hutches much easier. Bunnies are VERY clean by nature, self-grooming all the time. It is rare that your rabbit would need a bath, in fact it is recommended to not ever submerge a bunny in water. They do frighten easily so take care to slowly get to know your rabbit.

I spent a good amount of time handling my bunnies. They are comfortable with me and allow me to hold them. I even get Bunny Kisses - a special show of affection - only when a rabbit has bonded with you. Noah is the only one to give those to me....Cotton is not quite there yet. The more time you spend with your rabbit, the better you will know him and themore he will trust you.

If you choose to get a rabbit as a pet, regardless if male or female, if you plan for it to be a house pet, plan to have it spayed or neutered. Mine are not and so theneed for separate hutches...we have 2 males and they fight! A female rabbit is called a doe and the male is called a buck.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak...there is LOTS more information on the internet as well as magazines and books at the library or at a pet supply store. Read up because as with any pet, a rabbit has a commitment and responsibility that comes with owning it. They can live up 7-8 years, do have some diet needs that must be met and require vet care once in a while. So you will have to be a responsible owner, there is no such thing as a completely care-free pet. Many people love their pet rabbits and I have joined the ranks of those people...I love my bunnies....

As we head into Easter this week, give some thought to a pet rabbit if you are hesitant about a cat or a dog. Ther eis still a commitment but you may find the bunny to be what you're looking for!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Walk Reminders!

Pawesome Pals Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services

Hi everyone....

Just a quick word about your spring prepared! So we are racing right back into flea and tick seasons...oh joy! Get your pet protected! Buy now while you can get ahead of them!

So in the spring months lots of parks are newly busy with eager pawrents taking their pals out for walks. Try to remember some courtesies for your fellow pawrents and their pets. For instance, if you have a jumpy dog, please say so before someone approaches and gets 2 paws in the face. Got a growler? Please do the polite thing and step out of the flow of traffic for smaller or calmer pets to pass. Just remember, you know your dog is great but there are differnt strokes for different folks....and lets not forget that we often walk in places where there are non-dog owners walking (perish the thought!) but we must be courteous and allow them to enjoy the park without feeling any distress because of our furry friends' presence. Don't forget water, water, water...for you and your pet....stay well hydrated! and! DO not wear headphones, be alert and mindful of your surroundings, always have your pet leashed and if you are walking in a park please do a few things; tell someone where you are going to be and for how long, bring a whistle, and always carry a freshly charged cell phone! Oh yeah, a couple extra dog treats won't hurt either! After all that....HAVE FUN! HOPE TO SEE YOU ON THE TRAILS!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Great visits even in lousy weather

Hey there Pawesome Pals Gang!

What a beginning to the month of March....such lousy weather but the sunny spirits of our doggies has kept us going!  Thanks so much for your continued support and your commitment to the well being of your pups!  Exercise is as critical to good health in our pets as it is to us. 

Come to think of it, it's getting to be that time of year when we are outside with our pals more and more.  A quick reminder to use the flea and tick preventative....SO important here in the South Shore area....ticks and lyme disease are prevalent in our parts.  A good friend of mine, Jessica Falzone ~ owner of A Pet's Peeve has already mentioned she finding ticks on the dogs she's grooming NOW.  Take heed...get that stuff on your furry friend now.

And when you are out and sure that your pet has an updated identification tag, secure leash and well-fitting collar.   Also think about micro chipping if your have not done so.  It generally runs about $30 to $50 per chip depending on where you get it done and then to register the chip with a company is about $15 to $20 per year, per pet.  This puts the chip into a national or at a minimum regional, database.  Many Vet's and shelters, along with Animal Control Officers, have acces to scanners and this information.  If you ever lost your pet, this increases the chances of a safe return!

We all love to be outside and go for hikes but remember to bring water not only for you but for your furry friend as well!  Staying hydrated isn't just for summer, it's necessary all year long.

So yeah, here are a few pictures....good stuff going on....

OOh, check us out on FACEBOOK.......

Love to have more fans! Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our very first post ~ February 23, 2010

Hello. . .and welcome!

We love to talk about all things dog, cat, bunny . . .you get the picture. . . .all things PAWESOME!  We at Pawesome Pals are blessed to be growing over the last two years and are riding the economic waves of ups n downs but seem to be getting it right. At least our clients and their pets are telling us so....

We've found we are suited very well to the needs of many pet owners and ocassionally, not to others.  As a pet owner there are so many varied options out there in terms of pet care.  We do not provide group walks, we do feel strongly about giving your pet our attention during our visits and will never walk more than 2 or 3 dogs at a time.  If a solo visit is what is best for your pal, then so be it,  or we can provide companionship by having your pet visit with one of our own dogs that ocassionally accompany our service providers. Pawesome Pals has a philosophy that encompasses compasion, caring and a personal touch. We do some training but are not here to fix major behavioral issues....we have some friends that can help you with that if necessary. We also know a great mobile groomer and where to buy some really great pet care products. So, who are we?

We are full-time, professional pet care providers (pet sitting and dog walking, primarily) that believe in the value of consistent care provided by the same people routinely ~ thus providing a great relationship with both the pet and the pawrent.  We like to be an extension of what works for you in your pet family.  We certainly will provide some direction and training assistance if necessary, especially if you have a puppy.  However, we know that most pets have a routine with their owners and sometimes that's what we need to do. . .simply help you continue the routine you have established.  We like to think of ourselves as a support team to enable the happiness and well-being of your pets. We love to see your pals wagging tail!

We will be as involved as you like ~ visiting two times a day for puppy care and training, to facilitate house breaking and basic manners, or we can simply provide a good brisk walk for your pup 2-5 days a week - whatever your work schedule requires.  We are as devoted to your pets as we are to our own. 

Please feel free to visit our website for more information about our services.  Simply click on the image at the top of the page to get there....we are looking forward to sharing all things pawsible with you...about our walks, pet care and safety, health tips, seasonal hints and ocassionally stories about our adventures with our pets and clients.

Thanks for checking our Pawesome Pals blog....

Wishing you a pawesome day....
                                Debbi Griffin, Owner
                                Pawesome Pals

                               Making pets happy,
                               one wag at a time. . .