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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Helpful hints if you plan to travel with your pet. . .

Hi there all you doggers!

Nice to catch up....we have been plenty busy recently. So, tis the season that weekend travels begin and often means families are taking their pets along. What does this mean for you as pawrents? Read on! Being prepared is the best way to prevent travel stress for your pet!

Be prepared! Think about whether or not your pet travels well before you even leave...some pets do remarkably well, others do not adjust and can become quite ill rather quickly. You want your pet to enjoy traveling as much as you do! Also consider ahead and double check the pet-friendly status of your lodging before you leave. After all, one bad experience and a hotel can change their policy rather quickly. Ask about fees and requirements; some lodging requires your pet have a crate and you will need to bring one with you to comply.

Whether traveling by car or plane, you will need to be certain that your pet will be comfortable. Think about how long your pet will be traveling and be sure to provide ample water and food if necessary. Many airlines will accomodate flights for pets and there is even an ALL PET airline called Pet Airways....FABULOUS! Be sure to research your choice of air carrier and get all the details of their policies. Check to see about the need for a health certificate, the cost of the flight, and other details such as restrictions based on temperature of your home or destination. Many airlines will not permit animals to fly for health reasons in temperatures that exceed 85 degrees farenheit.

For auto travel, consider a seat belt or even crating your pet if you are traveling for a long time. Again, try to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. You may need to plan to make stops at pet-safe locations for potty breaks. Check your route in advance for safe rest areas that you can walk your pet in for a break.

You also should be prepared in the event of an emergency. Check your destination for a local veterinarian's office...bring along your home vet's telephone number. Stress of travel can cause dehydration, diarrhea or vomiting. In each of those cases it would be important to have your pet examined by a vet. Other true emergencies could include being hit by a car, difficulty breathing, inability to walk, a snake bite, high fever, uncontrolled bleeding...all instances that would require medical attention. Resources to help you locate a vet can include The American Animal Hospital Association, 800-252-2242 or

Today our pets are permitted in more places than ever. It's wonderful to be able to take your dog or cat with you. For many, your pet is a family member. So get out there and bring your buddy along! Here in BOSTON check out the Boston Harbour Hotel, the Four Seasons Hotel, the Nine Zero Hotel and the Seaport Hotel....all of which will permit pets ~ their policies vary so check with the individual place you wish to stay.

And as always, if your pet can't go. . . YOU HAVE US TO HELP! We always look forward to assisting you with your pets. Thank you for making us part of your families and we love having you in our pack! Travel safely and have fun!
Best wishes ~
Debbi and the Dales
Indian Head River ~ We visit with clients!

Mr. Jax loves to go to work with Mum and visit places like Norris Resevation in Norwell, MA

Happy trails and tails! 

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