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Monday, March 29, 2010

Maybe a Bunny is the pet for you . . .

Okay, so it's the season of the bunny rabbit...I know we all think they are cute. But did you know they make great pets? I only got my rabbits, Cotton and Noah, about a year ago. I am smitten....they are great pets. I will say, my rabbits are outdoor rabbits and that limits our family interaction with them but....if you have an indoor rabbit....they can be great house pets just like a cat!

Did you know that rabbits can pretty easily be littler box trained? Even though our two males are outdoor rabbits, living in individual hutches, they are both litter box trained. It makes cleaning up their hutches much easier. Bunnies are VERY clean by nature, self-grooming all the time. It is rare that your rabbit would need a bath, in fact it is recommended to not ever submerge a bunny in water. They do frighten easily so take care to slowly get to know your rabbit.

I spent a good amount of time handling my bunnies. They are comfortable with me and allow me to hold them. I even get Bunny Kisses - a special show of affection - only when a rabbit has bonded with you. Noah is the only one to give those to me....Cotton is not quite there yet. The more time you spend with your rabbit, the better you will know him and themore he will trust you.

If you choose to get a rabbit as a pet, regardless if male or female, if you plan for it to be a house pet, plan to have it spayed or neutered. Mine are not and so theneed for separate hutches...we have 2 males and they fight! A female rabbit is called a doe and the male is called a buck.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak...there is LOTS more information on the internet as well as magazines and books at the library or at a pet supply store. Read up because as with any pet, a rabbit has a commitment and responsibility that comes with owning it. They can live up 7-8 years, do have some diet needs that must be met and require vet care once in a while. So you will have to be a responsible owner, there is no such thing as a completely care-free pet. Many people love their pet rabbits and I have joined the ranks of those people...I love my bunnies....

As we head into Easter this week, give some thought to a pet rabbit if you are hesitant about a cat or a dog. Ther eis still a commitment but you may find the bunny to be what you're looking for!

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